Montauk Hotel in Session

19th April 2017

Dublin-based Montauk Hotel are Claudia Verdecchia (vocals), Shell Dooley (guitars), Aoife Hester (bass) and Karima Dillon-El Touhky (drums). Their songs will take you back to [...]

Percolator in Session

11th April 2017

Ahead of the release of their debut album ‘Sestra’, Dublin-based krautophiles (a description borrowed from the band) Percolator recorded a session in Studio 8. [...]

Trevor Sensor in Acoustic Session

24th January 2017

On a recent visit to Ireland, Trevor Sensor recorded some tracks in Studio 8. Through a series of EPs (the latest of which is ‘Starved Nights Of Saturday Falls’) [...]

TooFools in Session

17th January 2017

TooFools are without question one of the most promising rising acts from Ireland. Their brand of electro pop comes with the kind of power that the genre often a touch light [...]

BARQ in Session

6th December 2016

Although Barq have only been together a year, the Dublin-based outfit are already very highly thought of. Their debut single ‘Gentle Kind of Lies’ received [...]

Wolff in Session

29th November 2016

If you’re looking for something raw and mean, we have just the thing for you! Wolff have been bringing their own brand of dirty rock n roll to audiences all over [...]

Glimmermen in Session

22nd November 2016

In their own words “Glimmermen take rock and roll back to its primitive core.” The Dublin-based quartet (Gav Cowley – guitar, vocals, J. Bassetti – bass, Phil [...]

Elm in session

8th November 2016

Dublin five-piece Elm has been described as Alternative Baroque Pop, which is a curious yet suitable description. They received much acclaim for the ‘Amends’ [...]
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