Bon Voyage – Session & Interview

28th June 2017

Bon Voyage come to us via Dublin and Brooklyn, NYC. They’ve released a string of tracks over the last 18 months; ‘Booshie’, ‘Selfie Stick’, ‘African Voices’, [...]

C60 Rewind – 24 June

26th June 2017

“We believe in the power of music and the power of love. These things can make the world a beautiful and magical place.” – BMX Bandits, June 2017. On that [...]

The London Ear on RTÉ 2XM // Show 157

24th June 2017

This week was a really tough one for me. The heat was a killer with temperatures here in London getting up to and over 30°C. It was enough for me and my pasty Irish skin to [...]
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