Bowling For Soup on the band’s new album, and two decades of making music

On Monday, 17th October, Bowling For Soup will take to the stage of the Academy in Dublin as they tour in support of their latest album, Drunk Dynasty.

When they first got together in the summer of 1994, the band probably had little or no idea that they would be spending the next two decades on tour, seeing the world, and in 2016 would be about to come back to Ireland for yet another concert as they released their 17th album.

Speaking to The Third Degree on RTÉ 2xm, Jaret Reddick admitted that the band had started on a bit of a whim, and evolved into something that they had never really dreamed it would become.

“We come from a small town where there wasn’t a lot to do,” explained Reddick, “and when we started Bowling For Soup, we were in college and working jobs, and kind of being somewhat responsible, but didn’t have a lot to do in the evenings and on weekends. As cheesy as it sounds, we really did just start the band to have a fun time, and here we are.”

“I joked all along that there ‘s no way I’m going to be a 45-year-old man playing fart joke songs for a living, and I’m getting close man,” added Reddick.

Back in 2013, with big changes happening for the band offstage, they announced that they would not be returning and went on a farewell tour in the UK and Ireland. However, they’ve since been back in 2015 and are returning to Dublin once again in October, with new music for the fans that have followed the band through good times and bad.

“We just needed a break,” said Reddick. “We had been coming to the UK and Ireland every year for so long, and I think we just collectively thought that we probably needed to announce that we were going to take a break for a while. To be honest, there were no problems within the band, but everyone kind of had their different issues personally, in our lives. We kind of had to put the brakes on.”

Along with Bowling For Soup, a number of bands who made it big at the beginning of the new millennium are releasing new albums this year, from Good Charlotte to Simple Plan, but Reddick was wary about dubbing this any kind of “revival” of the pop-punk genre.

“The thing about pop-punk is I don’t think it ever died,” said the group’s frontman. “People moved on and started listening to other things as well, but it’s not as if New Found Glory or Blink 182 weren’t there in your playlist.

“That played a part in my decision too, to make a full record. The material was there, and I was just like: ‘all of our friends are doing this, let’s just all do new albums and see what happens.’ It’s a really nice feeling to see everybody out there still doing it.”

As part of a band that once dedicated an entire album to their love of songs from the movies (Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies), Reddick also picked out his favourite bad movie, as a recommendation for the Third Degree’s Bad Movie Club: Grease 2

“Even the music is so bad that it’s genius. I almost feel like that’s what they were trying to make and were spoofing themselves. They just made everybody these insanely wacky characters and the songs got crazy, I just love it. I think it’s so bad that it’s great.”

Reddick did decide to cover Grease on his podcast in the wake of the interview, but it might be up to The Third Degree to dive into the wonderful tackiness that is Grease 2 in the coming weeks.

When it comes to the new releases, this isn’t the last one that fans of the band can expect to see in the future from the Texas outfit. As Reddick explained, the reception from fans has almost always been positive and the most recent experience of recording was more pleasant than some previous ones.

“In the past, I’ve really stressed over the songs, making sure I had the right material for the album,” he explained, “but this one, it just happened so easy that I fell people are going to see that.”

“I went into to do this EP, we started it in June and by August we had a full album. I would like to do more material more often, even if it’s less material more often, if that makes sense.”

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